//Vertical Gardens Made Easy!

Vertical Gardens Made Easy!

Create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor with Atlantis Gro-Wall® modules. Vertical gardens are created with ease utilising natural soil mixes to retain nutrients. This modular system enables localised moisture retention and access to individual plants, creating optimum conditions for a successful vertical garden. Gro-Wall® modules are easy to install and can be quickly fixed to any structural wall including brick, concrete, wood, sheet metal, drywall and other surfaces.

Product description

A truly modular system with individual plant access, vertical and horizontal expansion capabilities. This system is the only one with an Individual Plant Irrigation system (I.P.I™ ) that is integrated within the Gro-Wall® structure. I.P.I™ enables the tailoring of watering requirement of individual plants and minimises water waste.

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For more information: http://www.gro-wall.com.au/

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