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ESD was established to meet the growing industry demand to specify sustainable products aligned to green building design.

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Mission: As products and technologies evolve ESD is committed to the ongoing education of building design and construction professionals. To influence decision makers in design process and encourage green building design through product and technolgy  based solutions.

Objectives: To search solutions & drive knowledge of green building products, technologies and services into the industry and influence the individual effort in achieving innovative and sustainable design.


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ESD will identify and target key decision makers within the relevant markets via a strategic, fast track approach to specification and lead generation. ESD Solution is a consultancy, working with you to identify and maximise business opportunities.

Whether your product has been established for many years or new to market , the ability to bring your brand to key decision makers in the interiors, architectural and building sectors: basically the people that make the project decisions is not easy.

ESD’s established network combined with a solid reputation built on education and industry knowledge works to identify your target audience to ensure specifiers can make informed decisions for sustainable outcomes in projects.


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With extensive experience in the specification market, ESD can provide a cost effective and efficient pathway to market by supporting your existing team. ESD will lift your profile and market exposure to professionals in the interiors, architectural and building sectirs. After a detailed discussion of your expectations and working budget, an individual proposal is developed to provide the ESD solution.

ESD Representation (Monthly fee)

Your company becomes part of a select portfolio of products presented at all ESD meetings resulting in direct project leads for your team. ESD attends more than 30 meetings per month and can offer your products as project solutions, while lifting your industry profile.

Lunch and Learn Presentations

Presented as an ESD Supplier, practices can request your company to present to staff, or a one on one meeting with a technical specification professional. ESD has expertise to assist in preparing your CPD materials, so that architects attending your presentation can gain valuable CPD points.

Networking and Marketing Events

ESD will organise boutique marketing events with an ESD theme. Events will offer exclusivity for suppliers, and ensure only those who are launching new and exciting product/services to the market are involved, ensuring ESD events are a fresh alternative and always of interest to attendees. These attendees will be drawn from the architectural, builder, engineer and interior design communities.

Product Launches and Event Management

ESD provides the expertise to make your next exclusive event a success. Event proposals are developed individually, dependant on company requirements and guidelines.

Project Focused Appointments

ESD will organise presentations for practices based on project requirements providing a real value add service for practices and greater opportunities for specification. This is a time saving approach to the market, ensuring both suppliers and architects are connected at a relevant meeting.

Specification Sales Training

ESD can design a training program for specification staff, whether it be building the team or enhancing their skills. An invigorated sales team combined with the knowledge to discuss challenges, ask the right questions and develop strong strategies to market will improve both morale and top line performance.

Workshops would be developed in conjunction with management to ensure your goals are achieved and team needs are addressed.

Marketing Collateral Development

If your organisation is new to specifiers it is essential to present in a way that is aligned to industry expectation. ESD can assist in the preparation of your materials and the conversion of materials to a format suitable for use in the A&D community. As end users migrate to new technologies, alignment to these technologies is essential.

Product Certification

As the industry merges toward a standardised approach to green building design, many suppliers are choosing certification as a way to position themselves as a market leader in sustainability and to be the product of choice in projects. ESD can assist in preparation and coordination of the necessary steps toward environmental certification. Cradle to cradle product stewardship is the future of green building.